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Meat Meat Meat (at the seattle fringe fest)

got meat?
All New All Meat Show

Review Rag Writer: Wednesday Knudsen

A Theater Near You
Conceived by DAMN! (Dramatists and Actors Meeting Now), this show is 13 courses of short skits, featuring various aspects of meat: preparing it, eating it, and even being it. It is in-your-face and absurd, as a show dealing with such a "raw" topic should be, but not very coherent, which is a grievous flaw.
There are good intentions amongst the actors, especially Katie Voss who handles herself well, but little could be done to render any of the scripts more savory or tenderize the stiff directing. There were some funny moments, but not enough to validate an uncomfortable 90 minutes which, at times, felt more like a dinner-date obligation than entertainment.
DAMN! is obviously a close-knit group that has a lot of fun on stage, and that's nice to see. But this show is self-indulgent, treating its audience like nothing more than hunks of well-baked meat, there simply to fill seats, sating the group's appetite for the limelight.

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